How is this possible?

AdPlexity Checkout allows you to completely customize the customer’s checkout process to not only increase conversion rate, but average order value as well. You will be able to quickly create bundle deals and upsells that can take even a non-profitable store and turn it into a money generating machine.

Optimized Checkout Optimized Checkout
Order Bumps Order Bumps
Bundle Deals Bundle Deals
Post Purchase Upsells Post Purchase Upsells

Increase revenue by up to 12% by switching to optimized checkout

  • Switching to better converting checkout will instantly boost your revenue
  • A/B test multiple different order page designs and see which one converts the best for your audience
  • Optimize it based on device type (mobile, desktop, tablet)

Increase revenue by up to 23% by adding bump upsells to your checkout

  • Add bump upsells to your checkout page to get your customers to increase their order size or buy special product add-on
  • Pre-check the bump upsells to increase the conversion rate up to 50%!
  • A/B test different products, their prices or themes to find winning combination that generate the most revenue
  • Configure different bumps based on customer's gender, country or product they are buying

Increase revenue by up to 55% by adding bundle deals

  • Configure special combo packages (product A + product B = $X) or quantity discounts (2x product = $40, 3x product = $45) on your product pages which will significantly increase your average order value (in some cases up to 150%)
  • Customize the widget completely to your preference (colors, text size, text style)
  • You wont have any problems with inventory tracking, analytics, retargeting apps as our solution doesnt duplicate any products

Increase revenue by up to 15% by adding post purchase upsell funnels

  • Increase your AOV and profits by showing 1.. 2.. or 100 one-time post-purchase upsell offers after the initial order
  • The upsells and downsells are billed separately from the initial order so there is no risk of losing the initial purchase.
  • A/B test different products, their prices or different upsell themes to find winning combination that generate the most profits
  • Configure different upsells based on customer's gender, country or product they are buying
Easy integration

It just takes 5 minutes to integrate. Install the app, link your merchant, and you're ready to double your revenue

Drill down reports

Forget the useless basic reporting. Dig deep into our extensive reports to help you find the best performing combinations (ie. theme>product>price)

Cart recovery apps

All cart recovery apps and campaigns will work as if nothing has changed

Using Paypal?

Whether you have referenced transactions enabled or not, all our app's features work flawlessly with PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

AdPlexity Checkout is completely free until March 1st 2021. After that we will introduce a subscription fee and the platform will become invite only. For now, we don't even require a credit card to sign up and use our amazing platform.

Currently only Shopify is supported, but Woocommerce support is coming soon.

Although there is no standard answer that applies to everyone, we've seen revenues and profit margins double overnight. Non-profitable stores integrated AdPlexity Checkout and for the first time ever became profitable. The numbers above are averages from our existing clients

We work closely with every single one of our clients to make sure they see amazing results. Unfortunately that means we can only accept 3-5 new stores per week. Please apply below and one of our reps will reach out to you and onboard you personally

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